Sunday, June 25, 2017

Little Bunny

 This morning I noticed some weeds near the house moving even though the wind was calm.  On closer inspection, I discovered a little rabbit. I haven't had a summer bunny at the house in years.

 I didn't get too close so that I wouldn't scare it away. I think I was probably downwind of him which helped.

 I left him to his breakfast, and I hope I see him again.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ecomuseum - Part 1

 We went to the Ecomuseum in St. Anne de Bellevue which is not far from home.  It only has animals native to this area.  The animals are ones that were injured or orphaned or otherwise unable to be in the wild. This adorable porcupine thought a rock would make a cozy place for a nap. He was so still all you could see moving was his little back going up and down as he was breathing. His nose looked like velvet.
 Later he roused himself a bit. The bottom of his back foot looked soft just like the sole of a teddy bear's foot.
 A couple of lynx were well camouflaged. In fact, many of the animals were hard to see at first glance, and a lot of them were sleeping making them even less visible.
Aren't they handsome?
I have more photos but they were taken with my phone.  I was hoping that the latest Windows 10 updates, which were substantial, would solve the uploading problem, but, alas, I still can't upload straight from my phone.  So I e-mail them to myself and transfer them from the e-mail to the photo file. It's a bit tedious so I am posting the Ecomuseum photos in parts.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer

 Happy summer! Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors.
Here's a dependable Knock-out rose.
 This hosta is getting creative, sort of like a harlequin costume.
 Some cheery flowers.
A mock orange that took many years to bloom, but now it blooms every year. It makes a nice tall (6 ') shrub with dense foliage if it's pruned.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wild Things

 I guess this rose isn't technically wild, rather it has naturalized. Nobody has done anything to it for years and yet it still blooms beautifully.
 Click on photo for full width. The late lilac, another ignored plant, looks very Victorian with the pink roses.
 The wild grasses are so pretty.  The township hasn't mowed the side of the road yet so I get to enjoy the weeds and grasses a little while longer.
The Canada anemone is a bright little flower .
"For the beauty of the earth
For the beauty of the skies
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies:
Christ, our God, to thee we raise
This our sacrifice of praise."
  F. S. Pierpoint

Thursday, June 15, 2017

June Flowers

It's poppy time. The usual red-orange poppies are nice but I like this frilly pink one better.

They are tough plants that seem to tolerate any kind of weather.

The white rugosa rose has a lovely scent. Most years the leaves are chewed by various insects but this year the leaves are untouched. Strange but nice.

Perennial cornflower. The blooms don't last very long but the bees like it and it is also very hardy.  I have a couple of plants that have self-sowed but it is certainly not popping up all over the place. I like the unusual colour and shape of the flower.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Merrickville Locks

Click on photo for full width.
We were in the Kawartha Lakes region(about 2hrs. north-east of Toronto) for a family gathering. On our way back, we stopped in Merrickville to stretch our legs and enjoy the locks. I find it fascinating how one person can crank open the lock gates and manage the water levels. It was a perfect summer day and the water looked lovely.
I didn't take any pictures in the Kawartha area. It is an attractive area of rolling wooded hills and some farms, but the traffic was quite busy and the roads didn't have a good shoulder to pull over on. It is close enough to Toronto to be a popular recreation spot so lots of weekend visitors.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tree Peony

 The tree peony (paeonia suffruticosa) made it through another winter and is giving me a couple of gorgeous blooms. The flowers are at least 7" across.
This one is not quite open yet. I am in zone 4, which is pushing it for tree peonies,but this plant always has a good covering of snow in the winter. I think an ideal situation for a tree peony would be one that gets morning sun and dappled shade later in the day. The flowers don't like the hot sun. The plants need protection from the wind in the winter so some shrubs nearby to shelter it would help . Like any peony, they like  heavy fertile soil and average water. Unlike a herbaceous peony, this one has no scent and the flowers don't last very long.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

For the Hummingbird

 I heard a hummingbird whizz by the other day so I thought I would buy some flowers specifically for it. Red salvia is a favourite for hummingbirds and the nicotiana is also something they will feed from.
The regular impatiens are still not being widely sold but the New Guinea ones with their big blooms are available. We'll see if the hummingbird likes it.
This  collection of plants  includes calabrachoa and purple petunias both of which are hummingbird friendly.
Finally, I bought Prairie Dusk Penstemon.  It hasn't opened yet but the tubular flowers will keep going most of the summer.  It is a perennial and I hope it will survive the winter.
So hopefully I will see the little hummer again and it will enjoy some of the flowers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Purple in Shade

 At first, I grew ornamental onions in as much sun as possible.  That is where they grow the best, but I have found that they will bloom quite nicely in a dappled shady spot as well.  They look quite natural in a woodland setting. They will self-sow and are very winter hardy.
 Double columbine which also does well in dappled shade.  It is on a bit of a slope so the soil drains well.  They don't like to dry out so they do well with other low growing  plants nearby to shade the soil.

The ferns are happy with all the rain we've been having - very Rousseau-esque.

Monday, May 29, 2017


When she was little and cute,
Her mother told her, with a hug and a kiss,
How pretty she was.

When she grew tall,
Her friends told her, with a hug and a kiss,
How fun she was.

When she worked at a job,
Her co-workers told her, with hug and a kiss,
How well she listened.

When she married a man,
Her husband told her, with a hug and a kiss,
How wonderful she was.

When life came down hard,
Her mind told her, with fear and dread,
How worthless she was.

Her mother, her friends, her co-workers, her husband
With a hug and a kiss,
Told her how special she was;
But the bubble had popped.
Who was she really?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pony Filly

 A friend's pony had a little filly last week. She has the cutest markings. The father is a paint pony with traditional blotches but this little girl has just a symmetrical white patch on her rump.
She was having fun running around but mom just wanted to eat.
Her tail is bi-colour, white at the top and black lower down. Very sweet pony and she got lots of "oohs" and " aahs" from her admirers the other evening.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little Flowers

 Lunaria (silver dollar)

 Late-blooming mini daffodil

 White violet
 Native foamflowers


 Native white violet
 Pink tiarella

Magenta lobelia

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Flowers

Some May flowers to enjoy. Apple blossoms

  Poet's daffodil.

 Virginia bluebell
 Bleeding Heart
 Primulas (again because they may never look so good another year)

 Bishop's Cap - I like to think of them as little space aliens
 Au naturel - silver dollar, dandelions, forget-me-nots
 Spring jumble
Some late tulips.
Have a happy Victoria Day weekend.